Fashion photography and beauty ideals -- a certain idea of perfection, in terms of body and face -- are often closely related, in the eye of the public and in the core of the business itself. At the age of easy retouching, we feel always more concerned or pressured by these visions of flawless skin, hair, silhouettes and their disconnection to our oubviously less perfect daily reality. Numéro China's August 2012 issue offers us a geniune alternative to the question with its main editorial, My Body, being both heavily furbished with various visual effects and revealing these little imperfections that, put together, happen to make one person beautiful.

Sara Blomqvist, the heroine of this new story was, without a doubt, one of the best casting choices for that type of photographs. Not your conventionally pretty classical beauty, rather the 'intellectual type' with a subtle charm that may not appeal to the broader masses yet can ravish the fine eye. Not the doll that's going to look the same from every angle, neither a bombshell nor a lolita, and she looks keener to express sorrows and torments than flashy joie de vivre in front of the camera. It immediately creates an interesting contrast with what seems to be the theme of the editorial; sunkissed skin galore and flashy pop colors. You would expect her to look like a cartoon hero more than a beautiful woman with her own flaws and personality but the results are totally different, even from what the cover promises. Instead of a dubiously uniform skin tone, what you get to discover are beauty marks on her face, neck and chest, hair on her forearms, pores, folds, shadows and any other typical detail usually visible on somebody's skin. In addition to this very natural portrait, on the opposite side, colors are flirting with bright red and orange shades echoing the electric blue make-up, smooth pink and acid green backgrounds. With the magazine's issue placed under the sign of tribal inspirations, the interpretation of the main topic by photographer Tiziano Magni significantly differs from the clichés conveyed by several variations on the same theme this season.

CREDITS: Numéro China August 2012 / Ph: Tiziano Magni