A model jumping, the city streets or a plain background... sounds like an easy recipe, a combination that can do no wrong. Can get repetitive, of course, but how couldn't it be a little repetitive -at least- when you know how many magazines are around and how often they get released.

Good example of a new publication, recently arrived to join the legions of glossies begging for an eye to stop at the bookstore next door: the german edition of Interview (which also has a newborn russian sister). Take one of the timeless masters of contemporary fashion photography, Hans Feurer, a few urban views from New York City and a model who knows her job, Miss Anais Pouliot. Considered as today's most "malleable" models by some stylists (polite people would say "versatile"), Anais has this ability to adapt to several situations, moods, themes, atmospheres and can be seen as one of the less risky girls working today, in terms of editorial results. From forgettable yet correctly executed stories here and there to the remarkable cover and series in a recent issue of Intermission, shot by John Scarisbrick (where she relentlessly oscillate from raw and organic to extremely sophisticated and frankly touching), Pouliot's portfolio perfectly reflects the pattern of a complete career in today's fashion sphere. But this profusion of decent materials and tearsheets from reputable magazines sometimes blurs the true value of a model and a no-hole editorial line-up can drown a few masterpieces in the mediocre masses. Quantity and speed slowly but surely kill creativity and, unfortunately, a dream-team on the paper can lead to a tedious succession of images. Anais, who can impress by her warm gazes and emotional expressions, looks awkwark jumping around with these backpacks and overloaded outfits. Not sure this is exactly what names like Feurer and Interview should be associated to. Not sure this is what a talented model should be involved in (except probably the shot with the green dress, both the expression and angle are awesome). The positive part remains how this uneven and disappointing editorial is rather due to misfortune than to an outrageous miscast.

CREDITS: Elite Model Management, Paris/ Interview Magazine Germany / Ph: Hans Feurer.