One of the most anticipated events in Milan this year is the opening of Monster Management, an elitist concept focused on a selective number of high-profile models and a distinctive image that mixes a geniune idea of luxury with a witty sense of humor. In a city that has been considered as slightly (or sometimes even strongly) old-fashioned with a desperating lack of changes, Monster had almost four aces in hand to make sure its launch has all it takes to make some noise. Explosive ingredients that you'll find in the agency's visuals and overall communication, a risky recipe brewed by a talented team that has already managed to complete the first step successfully even if, for actual results, the upcoming months will be decisive.

The highlights from their current models board is as youthful as the agency's concept with leading ladies like Ros Georgiou, Charlotte Nolting, Soo Joo Park, Antonia Wesseloh or Kat Cordts, who I chose to illustrate the article (photographed by Bruno van Mossevelde). But next to these young sprouts, you can rely on time-tested names like Alison Nix or Querelle Jansen, who both worked out a fabulous return lately, to finalize the flawless appearance of Monster's roster. It is certainly a tad too early to celebrate but, by the single fact such an agency can open in a city like Milan, there are enough reasons to stay eager to see how the modeling landscape in town will be redesigned within a couple of months. The border between rumors and facts is as thin as porous, and only a few can really tell (or even guess) how the italian fashion capital will look like next season.

CREDITS: Monster Management, Milan / Ph: Bruno van Mossevelde