Rumors and breaking news have always taken an important part in fashion daily or weekly news. Rumors, because fashionable minds are always craving for something that might be true yet can't be verified (no one can testify). Shifts, because when things get a little more official, they like the smell of revolution and controversy (even when it's only about small steps that will not be able to change the face of the word or, at least, the small world that is our business). 

So, latest rumors include the return of John Galliano and latest breaking news to date are how Silent Paris and Silent New York parted ways, another two agencies only sharing the same name and nothing else except a short bit of common past history... while the most famous name in model management, Elite, which embodied this phenomenon for years already, is generating buzz again with this intriguing and growing rumor that Elite Paris is set to open their own office in New York kind of soon. And this happens not that long after Elite New York had been heavily rebranded by respected agent Louie Chaban, following years of stormy stories of both models and managers leaving the agency as fast as they joined. I could drop a few more rumors, shifts or switches off my sleeve but got to save a few crunchy little things for september, when everyone will be back from their sunny summer days and will wake up before fashion weeks start. I could add to the list of movements the steady growth of Paris-based Oui Management, one of the youngest about to place itself as one of the strongest with its latest additions to their mainboard include names like Agyness Deyn, Karmen Pedaru or Jamie Bochiert meanwhile their recent newcomers can be considered as serious contenders for next season. Or, in another city that hadn't witnessed a lot of movements for ages but seems to wake up, Milan to name it, the quick blossoming of Monster Management was shortly followed by the anouncement of D'Management and Brave joining their forces while another promising young sprout with a fancy name is about to open its doors shortly. Last but not least, as we're all about crunchy, crusty and crispy stuff today, let's finish with the photograph that inspired me these short thoughts on today's modeling and fashion businesses: Lanvin's advertising campaign, Fall-Winter 2012-2013 edition. Superannuated look, sad grin instead of glamorous smiles or kittenish gazes, the visual captures the eye and commands attention though no one can tell if the actual target was to start some sort of revolution, to provoke reactions (which is a slightly similar goal, after all) or simply to remain the talk of the town for a week or two. That's a bit the way it is, you never really get to know where all started from, where it is supposed to end and how long will it last.

CREDITS: Lanvin Fall-Winter 2012/2013 / Ph: Unknown yet.