Numéro (the original version, the edition from Paris) has often been ahead of its time or just in tune with the calendar. The same story goes on again with the latest issue of the world-famous independent magazine, featuring a very confident Lindsey Wixson on the cover and strikes big with its main fashion story for this summer.

Wichita-born Lindsey proved she wasn't another it-girl meant to fade away after a short yet bright performance on stage following a brilliant first season. If her debuts seem already far away, her place in the current modeling landscape remains unchanged or even progressed lately after a breathtaking Haute Couture season in Paris. Leading the showlists, getting coveted spots everywhere she steps in, Miss Wixson brought another evidence that steady career patterns are still quite the comfortable way for a model in a business that changes faster than its shadow. If she made noise when she first appeared, mostly due to her uncanny beauty type and unusual features, she has never experienced a fast climax... neither her career had to suffer from a sudden downfall. The magical recipe did it again: to work with her is to love her and several photographers from Tim to Terry went back to the American with big lips and lucky teeth after a successful first try. Campaigns and catwalks also stayed keen with the candy-eyed lolita and getting a major cover along with a powerful presence on parisian runways turned her into the one to remember, this summer. And there are good reasons not to doubt this good slope is going to stay relevant for the autumn to come.

But Numéro's flair and instinct don't stop with Lindsey's cover and first role in Sebastian Kim's sunny and urban story. Another model sharing a similar career pattern can also be spotted in this 4-girl cast: Sui He, the relentless and unique beauty from New York Models. Jasmine Tookes, one of the lonesome ladies to add a little bit of color to Haute Couture shows (which haven't really embraced diversity at the highest level yet) and a proud example of the winning combination of profitable commercial jobs and high-profile fashion credits, joins the two for what looks now as one of the most ecclectic team of the whole season. Last but not least, and quite newer than her three partners, Elza Luijenduijk completes this top-notch quartette and adds another Couture-candy taste to this well-executed fashion spread. Current face of Versace and star of the same brand during its latest Atelier Versace show in Paris, remarkable at Valentino's the same week and combining Numéro with a spot in the new issue of V Magazine, the sophisticated Dutch literally seconds the pouty Lindsey when it comes to answer to the freakily famous who-gets-the-lion's-share question in the editorial... and on Haute Couture stages. In time, in tune and in town: still a reliable motto for today's fashion press and the way the french glossy managed a flawless number for its 134th release.

CREDITS: Numéro Magazine, French Edition, Issue Number 134 / Ph: Sebastian Kim