While saturated colors combined to a plethora of effects have become a tacit aesthetic rule in seasonal advertising campaigns, the rare ones remaining able to display visuals that don't look overloaded and, somehow, fake are often the same you keep in mind after the flow has stopped. More natural or simple compositions, lighter colors and moods; it sounds almost too obvious yet many labels seem unaware of the fact that overwhelming and breathtaking images lose their charm as soon as they become common. Fashion is made of and by exceptions, the idea of a norm in fashion isn't only a source of disappointment but a true crime against taste.

And I meant taste in the two ways we generally know. Taste as in tasteful, taste as in tasty. Both are kind of linked when you think twice about it or remember Jean-Paul Gaultier's words about good taste and bad taste, questionning the idea itself of something being tasteful and therefore the only respectable way to be tasteful is to be tasty. Even if the topic of the day isn't JPG but Roberto Cavalli, the main quality of the italian label's new campaign is literally being tasty. Colors are as vivid as you may expect from Cavalli yet never in a tacky manner, rather using natural shades of bright green to bring an extra touch of energy. Special effects are here too, though not in the usual, overwhelming way. Only some kind of mirror games between Daria Werbowy and... herself. Pretty subtle, and you only notice the trick when you look closer at the pictures. And here, no questionably surreal creatures musing in the fourth dimension surrounded by a whole debauchery of dubious details. The main and only character featured on the photographs taken Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin is Daria, portrayed as a smart and laid-back young woman having a walk in the woods. Some days, simple delights are all we have left to trust.

CREDITS: Roberto Cavalli Fall-Winter 2012/13 Campaign / Ph: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin