Sweetie, smoothie, cutie-pie... All adjectives or nickames you usually paste right after Lindsey Wixson's names are all related to those chubby cheeks of hers that make her look forever youthful and her zeal smile faster than her shadow. A sweetheart, according to everyone who had at least once chance to meet with the American Miss, who would make any photographer melt (and his camera along), including Terry Richardson. The duet seems to work perfectly well and the results are counting among both Richardson's and Wixson's best.

If Terry is famous for his love for nudity, sometimes tacky poses (I'd never say sleazy, though) and white backgrounds; his work with Lindsey reached its climax to date in current UK Vogue with a story shot outdoors. So, even from a short description, this doesn't look like a typical Terry story and, having pushed Terry out of his territory, our young lady with lucky teeth has already set one of the most interesting milestones in her career. Add the name Vogue next to the visuals and you can talk about recognition, both in modeling and in photography. Sponge-Bob-shaped ice-creams, soap bubbles and street caricatures, the ingredients are mostly childlike and cheerful but you won't find anything looking like a twist of Lolita inspiration in the small dozen of glossy pages. It's fun, witty and tongue-in-cheek from A to Z yet doesn't limit itself to clichés of young woman having musing around at the park. Epic poses in blue tuxedo or deeper, darker gazes on black and white photographs: the less explored sides of Ms Wixson are beautifully captured by a very inspired Terry. In the garden of fashion photography too, it seems that, sometimes, the apple (the muse) falls further then expected from her tree.

CREDITS: UK Vogue August 2012 Issue / Ph: Terry Richardson