For the second part of my portrait of Lindsey Wixson, I deliberately chose not to write an overview of her whole career. No analysis of her beginnings, no name-dropping (she did a lot of high-profile shows and worked with many of the greatest, successfully). My choice is purely subjective yet it perfectly reflects a new turn on Wixson's path, together with the very natural and lighthearted story by Richardson, her recent project with Nick Knight, a video shot for Dasha Zhukova's Garage Magazine, unveils a Lindsey we haven't seen before. Goodbye gardens, welcome to a retro universe where reality and imagination become one.

Bright red locks mixed with flashy make-up and Lindsey suddenly could be a crossbred doll created with the best of Rita Hayworth and Jessica Rabbit. Nothing to do with the cheerful youngster smiling and laughing at the park, this new universe she's been propelled to could easily come out of Roy Lichtenstein's brain or comic books from the same era. If the shiny and smily personality of Ms Wixson hasn't disappeared flying from one world to its opposite, the situations she goes through (or enjoys) is this story have nothing in common and the way she adapted her talents to these new parameters prove she belongs to the best of her generation.

The type of the project (video), the names involved (Nick Knight, Dasha Zhukova, Katy England), the direction of a magazine like Garage, all are as many signals Lindsey's evolving and blossoming a model who definitely left behind her image of chubby kitten from Wichita, Kansas, of the beginnings to full embraces all possibilities her profession offers to her these days. High gloss or pure art, and if possible the two in one. The challenge of so many new faces is to last and for the one who stick around after a few season the challeng becomes how to last. How to create a distinctive image of themselves that goes beyond their looks alone. It seems Wixson has already successfully completed the first two levels: growing beyond her initial image of youthful newcomer and separating her uncanny features from her equally uncanny talents to embody roles that have nothing in common.

CREDITS: Garage Magazine, Issue 3 / Ph: Nick Knight (Video)