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Being a self-proclaimed sartorial stalwart, I thought I knew every turn and curve of the fashion industry. Latest trends, faux pas, haute couture, I considered myself an authority on it all. But a tiny chat with an up-and-coming designer, made me rethink.

“Fashion is about glamour, power, statement, boldness, and, sensuality. But, it is also about cliches, especially when we are talking about the men’s sartorial domain. And how do we break the monotony? We accessorize-smart, and chic, and luxurious and cheap, we do it all.” These were his words.

What followed, was a revelation to me-a curtain-raiser for a world of men’s accessories, I never paused to think about. Gentlemen here they are for you, the most stylish men’s accessories list- signed, sealed and delivered by the connoisseur himself.

Stay happening and stylish with hats and scarves

So you thought those silk scarves were only for women. Think again. Scarves are fast becoming a staple in men’s wardrobe too. Wool, cotton, cashmere and silk, pick a few of these to add some immediate chutzpah to your wardrobe. They are easy, effortlessly stylish and well, can be draped in a million dozen ways.

Whether you are lightly draping it around on a sunny day, pulling on the chest-warmer style when it gets chilly or tying the Parisian knot , a scarf will surely take your coolness quotient zooming upwards.

When it comes to hats, they really are the epitome of style and luxury, but it is difficult to get the right one. Move over baseball caps and step into the world of recognition and style with hats and berets. Try a few of them in different styles and shapes and pick the one perfect for you. Berets are my personal favorite. They have a naughty charm about them. A flat cap is a tricky look to pull. If you think you can pull this one off, opt for them in shades of beige, tan, gray, or plaid and tweed. Pair these up with business casual clothes and shoes for a stylish twist to the story.

The ultimate showstopper in hats however remains the Fedora. An accessory to spice up any of your looks, the Fedora gives its wearer some serious hat-titude.

Create an impression with the cuff links

From beard to suits, men are really not shying away to look their age or older anymore. Spikes, t-shirts, boxers and shorts are being swapped for collared shirts, tailored suits and well-fitted trousers. Making an entry in this arrangement of sharp and stylish menswear is the forgotten cuff link.

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They are just oh-so-sophisticated and elegant. When paired with a fine tailored suit and a pair of brogues, they are the perfect finishing accessory to most formal attire. Avoid loud prints and patterns, and opt for the vintage styles of cuff links to be incredibly stylish.

If you have deep pockets, splurge on Hugo Boss and Cartier cuff links. It will be an investment you definitely won’t regret. If you are not looking to shell out that much, yet want to sport some cool cuff links, search for batman cuff links online. They are easy on the pocket and eye.

Make your looks matter with the right eye wear

What an understated accessory this is! Of course you wear sunglasses to look stylish,  and to get a breather from the sun. But,this piece of accessory could make you a real head-turner, if worn right. The aviators of course remain a favorite, complementing all face shapes and complexions. But what’s made a huge comeback are the bold and suave wayfarers. Streets and ramps have taken to this trend alike. My designer friend suggests to play around with these in sizes, colors and shapes to make a real statement. By the way, the new Ray-Ban folding wayfarer is just too cool.

For the experimenters and adventurers of course, the retro fashion icons- round shaped and cat-eye sunglasses are a big pull. Men pay attention. Nothing works better than a sexy, quirky, bold or fun pair of glasses to tie up a good look or lift up a bad look. So, the moral of the story is- this is an accessory you simply must possess and flaunt.

Get bold and brash with Cowboy boots

This one ain’t for the weak -hearted. You could either be like the God of fashion or the king of faux pas when you decide to bring your cowboy boots out. The bright side is- you would be making fashion headlines either way. On a more relevant note, cowboy boots are loved by all, but worn only by the daring. It has a massive personality of it’s own and elevates the wearer’s style quotient to a different level all together, (if worn correctly). One style tip- do not tuck the denims in the boots. Take your machoism a notch higher, by teaming the boots with a denim or leather jacket.

Cowboy boots make an especially stylish accessory for music fests, county fairs, rock concerts , dance clubs or even some horse riding.

Warning: Pick this footwear only when you are very very sure of carrying it off properly. On the other hand, how will you know till you don’t try? So, go ahead, get those boots out and paint the town red.

Bid a Warm Welcome to the Beard

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The easiest and sexiest accessory every man can possess is a stylish beard that oozes style and sex appeal. It’s that distinct accessory that makes the cut between a boy and a man. Most men look a tad bit hotter with some beard on their face. So strut your stuff and, pick a style that complements your face. It could be medium stubble, goatee, a garibaldi or the oft seen balbo . Whatever style you choose, make sure you keep it well-groomed and cut. And remember, bearded men look stylish, not cavemen.

Final Style Anecdotes

To wrap it up, stay stylish, put a little effort, pay attention to details, and remember what  a wise man said- confidence is your best accessory; never leave home without it.