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model Mark Wahlberg is british model and lives in Dorchester, United Kingdom.

Name:Mark Wahlberg
Model ID:10515
Location:Dorchester, United Kingdom
Spoken languages:en it
Rank: (2.01/10)
Membership: (silver)
Professional status:Supermodel
Portfolio views:33954
Availability:Fashion: editorial

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Height:181 cm5' 11"

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British Male model Mark Wahlberg from Dorchester, United Kingdom

Planet of the Apes (2001)
Rock Star (2001)
The Perfect Storm (2000)
The Yards (2000)
The Corruptor (1999)
Three Kings (1999)
The Big Hit (1998)
Boogie Nights (1997)
Traveller (1997)
Fear (1996)
The Basketball Diaries (1995)
Renaissance Man (1994)
The Substitute (1993)
Calvin Klein

Additional information

Mark Wahlberg grow up in a poor working class family, and had a troubed chilhood especially after his parents divorced when he was eleven. He dropped out of high school at age 14 to pursue a life of petty crime and drugs. He'd spend his days scamming and stealing, working on the odd drug deal before treating himself to the substances. At age 16, he was convicted of assault against two Vietnamese men after he had tried to rob them. He was sentenced to serve 50 days in prison at Deer Island penitentiary. While there he began working out to pass time, and when he emerged at the end of his sentence, he had gone from being a scrawny young kid to a buff young man. Wahlberg also credits the jail time as being his motivation to improve his lifestyle and leave the crime behind him.
Aftermath of jail life lead Mark to another chapter of being known as 'Marky Marky', the pants dropping rapper. His singing career started with joining with his brother Donnie Wahlberg in the group 'New Kids on The Block'. He soon dropped out to pursue solo career, and formed with the Funk Bunch, gaining the fame of 'Marky Mark'. His single 'Good Viberation' topped the chart on Billboard. He was recruited by Calvin Klein as their first generation underware spokes model before it has become a popular trend.
Marky Mark's bad boy image was becoming even more of a commodity. He was constantly in the headlines (often of the tabloids) after multiple scandals. In 1992, he released a book dedicated to his penis. Wahlberg was constantly getting into rumored fights, most memorably with Madonna and her entourage at an L.A. party. While things were always intense, they were relatively harmless and made for enjoyable reading for the public. However, when the story of his arrest for assault - and the allegations of racism - broke in the press, things took on a decidedly darker note. People were not amused. Marky Mark was suddenly surrounded by charges of brutality, homophobia and racial hatred. His second album, "You Gotta Believe" had not been faring well - and after the charges surface, it plummeted off the charts.
Humbled and humiliated by his fall from grace in the music world, Wahlberg decided to pursue another angle - acting. He dropped the Marky Mark moniker and became known simply as Mark Wahlberg. His first big screen role came in Penny Marshall's "Renaissance Man". Despite the name change, many people snickered at the idea of the has-been rapper thinking he could make it as an actor. From the get-go he was proving them wrong. In "Renaissance Man", he gave an utterly charming performance as a simple but sincere army recruit. The role in 'Boogie Nights' offers Mark Wahlberg a golden oppurtunity of transiting from music to film. His outstanding performance and buff body has won over not only millions of female fans, but also many male fans. Currently, he is booked up for movies one after another.
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