Sophia L.

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model Sophia L. is american model and lives in Tobyhanna, USA.

Name:Sophia L.
Model ID:277835
Location:Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, USA
Spoken languages:en sp de
Rank: (1.00/10)
Membership: (bronze)
Professional status:amateur
Portfolio views:275
Availability:Fashion: print, catalog, editorial, bodypart, showroom, fitness, fit, tearoom
Commercial: product, lifestyle, corporate, demo, tradeshow

Physical stats

Height:160 cm5' 3"
Weight:52 kg115 lbs
Bust:81 cm32"
Waist:58 cm23"
Hips:81 cm32"
Dress/Clothes size:xs3
Shoes size:387

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Sophia L. news

by Sophia L.
Mar 17, 2009
this site would be so much more awesomeer..... if it was less money-hungry ._.' I mean come one instead of having this gold-silver- platinum junk why not just g...


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Likes: 75%
Sophia L.  photo
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Likes: 100%



American Female model Sophia L. from Tobyhanna, USA - my art
only contact me on facebook if your are a legite modeling agency please! Or I will just ignore you :|

Additional information

Very new at this, this is just a hobbie.
in other word don't be disappointed if my photos suck so badly that they make your eyes bleed :c
I'm am armed with a kodak 9.0 mega pixel camera that was on sale and myself (no one ever helps me with my shots because they're retarded and can't take photos properly)
oh and both my hips and boobs are too "fat" to be a runway model :c so I have more of a fitness body built with muscle

Special information

I'm a visual artist and a writer (working on a novel at the time), I create mostly sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I like to model (though I'm an amatuer -_-'), I'm a vegan so I take care of my diet and have a strict workout routine. I'm engaged, to an awesome man named Colin Mason 3 He's a (buff) vegetarian as well, do not try to take his girl or he will turn you into pulp :D 3
by Supermodels Model Management
Apr 19, 2014
by IMG New York
Apr 18, 2014
by IMG New York
Apr 18, 2014
Karlie Kloss photographed by Sebastian Kim for the cover of Vogue Korea May 2014
by Supermodels Model Management
Apr 18, 2014
Grete for OneLink Walk catalog!
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