With all the vacant large homes on the market being left unsought & unbought by economic sterility, & add to that most wealthy wanting to leave their own personal touch in the architectural realm by building their own homes from scratch, it's no wonder that these former fashionable dwellings lay sitting stagnate on the buyer's market.

So why is it that these empty homes are left sitting & rendered 'useless', when so many are in need of safe shelter, but can't afford a place, because the jobs are not plentiful enough to accommodate their catch 22 situation?

What kind of a society has any genuine humanitarian efforts that aren't just staged, if they disallow options of significance to salvage the peoples' broken lives that they didn't have anything to do with their series of unfortunate events, because whatever Gov't.'s choices delivered lack & oppression by overspending??!!

Parts of the world needs an enima between the ears.

Many politicians can boast of their education & degrees, but live out their lives with complete nebulous ignorance, which has it effects on those beneath them. The capacity to respond to the needs of the many who are the laborers would prove wisdom prevails over the useless knowledge that runs rampant .

If a society does not save those who are structured to do the tedious labor, then the wealthy who are heartless will have to get off their duffs eventually & do the things that the servants which are no longer around once did. How wise are those that are narcissistic for being  out of touch to the insight of  what stone cold arrogancy births to roll back on their care less mentality?

A Gov't. cannot violate the humane dignity of  lives, & think that no consequences will ever occur./'

What is the basis of the council determines the political perspective & ushers the projective dispensation. Genocide comes & builds in subtle form, but those with a discerning eye will recognize it in advance. It is foolish & fatal to the world's balance of order to tamper with the temptation to force out the poor in order for the wealthy to achieve their means of rites without conscience.

The world needs leaders that are sensitized to the realities of those beyond their inner circles./'

With love & hope for a better & safer planet,