Once upon a Big Ben Chime. . /'

There was KATE :.


AND THEN a curve belle was added , &


.:KATE ( a new comer with a grin )


It could've well enough been considered a categorizational 'Moss VS Middleton' at some hypothetical catwalk duo designer's send off, but at present Model Maven VS Princess will suffice the upper echelon heroines of fashion fascination & fan dangle fantasy.

Whether you gravitate towards the effervescent edgy or cataclysmic conservative sexy, no doubt these two fashion icons will give you something to stylishly surrender to.

Perhaps there's a bit of both Kate's intermixed within each other's subset of similarity style ..

Skinny jeans & high top boots can't escape either model, who are their own 'print princess' of their prestigious stage strut & stunning stand. One thing is rather obvious, it is that neither escape the thirsty public eye of the UK. Perhaps London needed the designer clad Model bodied bookends of  opposites to give them the 'eternal'  ' TWIN  Trending Towers ' of  infinite fame . .

Can you feel that Blond VS Brunette gives the fashion industry a bolting latch of spectral allure..?

Ravishing Racy VS Pristine Protocolic has its fate & fan-trap 'pixel parliament' in foward motion ../'

It really can leave one thinking that although the clothes be different from mod to bod, the breast of the story is either erect or trussing undercover media's peek & seize, but the parallel mark of twain femininity still clinches the role of fabric to retinal stun'sation.

Roberto Cavalli's CatGirl VS Alexander McQueen's Bride. .

Fascinators off to you both for tickling the world's private dream fancies.