The Carnivore Score ...Is it the 'devil' inside OR the hunger game on?

The could be's that would cause a shackled Shakespearean Omlette to 'Fry-ER' a hovering Hamlette into a primordial GQ Esquire suited tuck!

When does verde graze become duck ala glaze?

The hand that chops the 'dirty' birdie, becomes the one who 'rocks' the plates...


BUT, do not fret a sliding giblet, because the quill is mightier than the chef's 'sword' on the tectonic shift../'

Do you really feel the power to chose OR is it just the starved instinct need to feed overtakes the senses, & fills them with insatiable & unquenched desire to indulge. . . M E A T ??

Can you see yourself eating what is and has long since been a coveted source of natural transportation & a highly prized animal turned into ground horse meat (for example) just because society accepts the right to do so? Should these productive animals be left to the realm of secured living, & deemed untouchable as from harm for the future suspect of EXTREME economic failure due to global acts of 'god' turning our potential world into a worthless heap of  monetary uselessness, causing nations to turn & revert to a barter & trade system of goods ...that would will an eventual cause of empathetic purging of esteeming everyone's abilities to be evaluated as a refreshingly needed difference of societal enhancement? . . ? . . ?  

What exactly causes you to pine for the crave?

Is it existential influence (e.g.: taunting Commercialism) OR blood type inciting those tastebuds to palate parlaying prevailing presidence? 

Take a look at mother nature, & you have pure influence stemming from basic DNA structural designation of specimen's nutrient drive. There is no thought given for a Venus Fly Trap to eat what its neighboring plant is consuming.

Could humans evolve into a futuristic state of accepting a restricted world of dietary choices?? Would Elite ECO conscious vegans win the protection of disallowing meat for slaughter & sale for the masses, IF their haute wallets/purses were worshipped as the iconized grappling gobblers of green conscience?? Would the hungry die off OR rise up & 'shoot to thrill' in rebellious, but justifiable self preservational acquisition?

I'm NOT thrilled about the USA's choice to sell horsemeat as a regular part of the American '$-pie'!

I will boycott under normal circumstances, period!

Plants are 'pre-programmed' to eat what they do, & humans are NOT!

SAVE a HORSE, 'ride' a HUMAN!

THINK (NOW). . . (CURRENT) ...YES, In stellar deed, I want this msg. to stick in your whittle heads..>

Plentiful resources are there for a reason that the ALMIGHTY 'GOD FATHER' 


Benevolent Mysterious One holds knowledge of Premonitive Protective Tendancies!

How we treat our supplies now, is how we can entreat the future.

It's never to late to choose else wise !

IF you must... be a 'meat-head', THEN..:

Spare a Horse, Broil a Fish!