[~When To Be Does NOT Meet 'Two Due':]

Whatever style of love language you speak--think kinetic, emotive, cognitive styles, if your partner does not speak the same, rough ripples of discontent are sure to arise without even a drop of precalculated forethought.

You've heard the saying "as iron sharpeneth iron", well here's where kitchen concepts & relationships don't mix.  Take two natural opposites of humans, & after letting them grind on each other in their own individual weaknesses, no one usually comes out a winner, more like a complete pair frazzled & friction worn mess.

Some people get stuck in the thought that it's what they say that counts, but if your partner is the type whose natural tendancy is "to do" things, then the gap becomes evident that one's needs will not be met, because the recognition is being improperly applied.  A person that likes action, doesn't feed off of words, & a person of words doesn't always like to take action. See what communication barrier occurs here when two operate from their base personality strength, but miss the connection from another view?

They say to listen with your heart, but with certain personalities the ingrained sense to measure with the mind may come from weighing the pros from the cons first, while feelings are of a secondhand or possible third nature habit. In this matter, two wills of varying cognitive styles will either outright or eventually collide, & so then contention is birthed, because the approach of the relationship is not stemming from how the other partner's speaking style is first.


In junior highscool or highschool teens are taught Consumer's Ed. class in the US, so they can deal with basics of living on their own. Then there's the option of Foreign languages to gain extra credits for graduating. However, I've not seen the instituting of teaching personality types & how to speak those languages, let alone recognize them. Therefore, it seems rather backwards attempt to teach people to speak to people without understanding people types first. I say education has to change its 'midieval' ways, or get Carlos Santana to warmly ring their ears with a riff.