my last blog was about being pregnent, i now have a bouncing 3 year old boy who has a birthday in early may with me his mama .blonde hair blue eyes and full of energy. we both are happy and healthy. now that he is going to be going to school soon i have started chasing my dream with my son at my side. i hope someday to get that one email to change my life, hi this is _______ from_________ modeling company and we would live to meet you in person. ive tried for years and im going to keep trying and i hope that some day my son gets asked to get an autograph from his mom on one of my print ads by some kids in his class. i hope some day i can support myself and to get outta this small town in wisconsin. its getting worse every day and i dont want my son knowing this low feeling that i wake up with every morning. cant even go for a walk with out looking over your sholder. im a fighter and i want something i wont stop till i get it. when it comes to my son, his father has dont nothing to help this child. its been all me for years and i want to have bigger stuff with my name on like a house, a newer running car, a fenced yard for my dog, a happy ever after to end this long rough story. the story of a short skiny akward young girl growing up thru dark times, with her best friend who is also the gard dog who was just as much of runt in this world. in 5 years i have had alot of adventures and miss steps but at the end of the day i do have my family. my son and my dog, now to get a good life for them better than what i had. well family life calls i have to make supper for my son he is hungery. blog later