Eric Royal

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Photographer:Eric Royal
Photographer ID:146549
Membership: (bronze)
Professional status:amateur
Type:Fashion: print, fitness
Commercial: lifestyle, demo
Glamour: art-nude, adult
Photo styles:Casual, art
Address:38 State St, Rome, Virginia, USA
Telephone:518 688-2366
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About Eric Royal


Eric Royal works in fashion including print, fitness; commercial including lifestyle, demo; and glamour including art-nude, adult.


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by Supermodels Model Management
Jul 25, 2014
Very elegant looking Jogile in luxurious Singapore "JewelFest" ad!
by NEXT Management NYC
Jul 24, 2014
Walking tall — Lucky Blue wearing John Elliott Spring 2015 in this GQ preview. Visit
Jul 24, 2014
Love Magazine, FW 2014.Saskia & Edie by Drew JarrettLove Magazine, FW 2014.
by NEXT Management NYC
Jul 24, 2014
Otherworldly — Dasha Gold wears a Sportmax coat in the latest Harper's Bazaar En Español. Visit
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