Denis Dobardzic

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Photographer:Denis Dobardzic
Photographer ID:164774
Membership: (bronze)
Professional status:amateur
Type:Fashion: print, catalog, editorial, showroom, fitness, lingeries
Commercial: lifestyle, tradeshow
Glamour: art-nude, lingerie, adult
Photo styles:Casual, art, personal, nature, outdoor, auto-moto, travel, architectural, digital
Needs models:Women; Age 14-18;
Helps to:Build portfolio;
Address:Vahide Maglajlic 17, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegowina
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Photographer Denis Dobardzic portfolio photo
Monthly votes: 10
Likes: 90%

About Denis Dobardzic


bbc web site, touristic association, unicef, one individual and three colective exibitions

Denis Dobardzic works in fashion including print, catalog, editorial, showroom, fitness, lingeries; commercial including lifestyle, tradeshow; and glamour including art-nude, lingerie, adult.


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by NEXT Management NYC
Apr 20, 2014
Happy Easter!
by Supermodels Model Management
Apr 19, 2014
by IMG New York
Apr 18, 2014
by IMG New York
Apr 18, 2014
Karlie Kloss photographed by Sebastian Kim for the cover of Vogue Korea May 2014
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