I want to hire for a photoshoot few people payment $6.00-$10.00/hour depends on skill level.

Payment cash BWP/USD paypal at the end of the session.

1. Overweight woman, race is irrelevant, good skin, must be over 100kg/220pounds, height under 1.70m, preferably the rolls of overweight to be Michelin logo style, this assignment implies partial nudity.

2.   2-4 people gay (male), race irrelevant, if possible mix of pairs caucasian/african, asian/hispanic etc. for family lifestyle shoots (in the kitchen, park, )etc. if they got a kid under 3 years old will be super, no lesbians at the moment logistic support is not ready.

3. Girl with a nice rack, preferably pointers "nose of the fox" 36-40/B-D cup, no scars or stretch marks, asian girls have priority because of the nipple formation(less Photoshop work), I guess this assignment is self explanatory.

4. Baby boomers 45-60 years old, lifestyle shots, healthy life, bicycle riding, etc. all races welcome.

5. 3-5 dogs, must look alike, same breed, different stages of life, from puppy to almost gone, if anybody puts his dog down at the vet I will pay for the procedure, as long as he got home another younger generation ,same breed ,same look.

6. Men over 80, african origin, must be really skinny and have a lot of wrinkles, if possible the "deep sun" wrinkles,   must have a good -fair physical condition, a bit more than usual   movement is required but not acrobatics,   this assignment implies nudity.