For October and November I am planning a series of "Starting Out" shoots within a local theatre workspace in Leicester.

These shoots are free, and the idea is for someone who has not modelled or has limited experience to gain confidence by this shoot.

Shot informally in a simple shoot setup, it lacks the usual cost/time limits of using a Commercial studio, but still use studio flash and lights and a good supply of props is often on hand too!

The shoot covers range, expression, posture and all round confidence and allows the participant to give maximum input and simply try things out safe in the knowledge the images will not be distributed commercially.

The interest from WilliamDavids perspective is the build up of confidence as the shoot progresses and this will form part of WilliamDavids work online.

However no images would be usedagainst the wishes of the person taking part...

For more information just contact directly.

The shoot venue is available for both day and evening shoots...


William David