Hey.. so you wanna be a model?


A lot of times I found that most aspiring models are at their teens, or maybe just out of college. All they have is a dream but they dont have money for creating a portfolio and marketing themselves to the industry. I decided... let's try. Save your pocket money, thats all you need to create a basic portfolio for yourself and as you get into modeling you will earn more to create matured portfolios. 


Here in India, modeling has just begun, the fun is yet to start. Lots of dreams, lots of passion and lots of opening in the coming days. Fashion days are just in. So why not you try your hands ? A bit of luck is needed, but all you need to get into the industry is a lot of zeal and a solid basic portfolio. 


If you are ready to be a model and trust yourself that you will be able to get in, then I will create your portfolio with just the studio and makeup artist charges. Lets do it.... something for the fashinable India.