Andromeda V1

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singer Andromeda V1 is american singer and lives in Chicago, USA.

Name:Andromeda V1
Singer ID:188071
Location:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Spoken languages:en
Rank: (2.03/10)
Membership: (bronze)
Professional status:pro
Portfolio views:7446

Physical stats

Skin:light tan
Height:165 cm5' 5"
Weight:45 kg99 lbs
Bust:81 cm32"
Waist:58 cm23"
Hips:81 cm32"
Dress/Clothes size:xxs1
Shoes size:387

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Andromeda V1 news

by Andromeda V1
Dec 5, 2010
The 1st one is called, "The Royal Child's Plight Over D.V.S." AND, the 2nd one is titled, "Herald of Soul Magnificence" These sounds are crea...
by Andromeda V1
Oct 27, 2010
 "When I started shooting "Police Woman" (1974), someone asked me if I had ever played a sleuth before. I said, "Yes, many times". I thou...
by Andromeda V1
Mar 7, 2010
  To ALL my sweet cyber sheet FANS;* Raise your French Fluted CRYSTAL PINK Champagne Toasty LONG Stemmed Glasses to trickle & tickle you...
by Andromeda V1
Jul 1, 2009
 Discovered by.: ******Fierce Models, June 2009 ******Royal Models & Talent Agency, June 2009 Acknowledged for The Multi-Talent Model Rolled into&n...


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Forum topics:80
Forum posts:758
Last posts in:Hair--'Wire'. . .Gray Liberation/' The 'Grow Out' & 'Brush-Off' Of The Mane Blow-Offs!
Accounts With Duplicate Names NOT Allowed/'
<3 Wishes To My Friends In India Who Are Celebrating Republic Day ;-)



American Female singer Andromeda V1 from Chicago, USA

Fed/Con USA Contract signed by Charles R. Peterson For Star Trek Convention 2009.........With upcoming tour dates...More Info..Coming/'
Paid for Composer/Musician/Model/Makeup & Hair Artist, Nail technician, & Digital & "Dodge-It-All" Artist..;)
*****Accepted by Neal Hamill Agency/NATAS/2007
Wed., JULY 18th, 2007:
Top Showcase Guy{> Mr. Michael Rosen
Quote: "Love your artistic main image~" [50/50 or FIGHT]
PS What comes around, goes around...I've critiqued some of his Pic's--Haha:))
***Digital Artist/Designer for Advertising, Magazine Insert, & building Artistic Modeling.

Additional information

MSG. for Gabriel Silva;>
Use this for a CHEERY /CHERRY bookmark...Haha*****}
KEEP that fingered G-Formation strong...No fret here:)))
Happy PRE- Birthday (B4 the mad email RUSH to your PORTFolio)!
Lyrics are dedicated to YOU>>>GABS=--->Cyber CHEERS 2U2:)))
Title: Outside Broken Lines
Standing alone from a distant plateau, the words of faint memories, resurface softly, as I feel the inner surge of a lingering soul's presence entreat mine.
Outside (all I see is) Broken Chains...Time to re-link (hearts).
This impression is haunting, without the lingual concrete, to finalize all that lies unanswered. Why were we ever connected, if only just to ponder about each other's reflection?...Still, I ask myself in a subtle sigh, WHY?--Chain LINKS to Cyber ties?
Is it that we play the game of non-surrender, while in search of our own signet of 'fame'? Was it we were leary of one another, which leads us to be in a neutral state of blame? Outside the fence of defense: YOU look-OUT, while I look INside (to the soul).
WORDS, like wafting WINDS of encouragement & loving sparks of sporadic sweetness, quickly exchanged an openess...
It once kindled an interest in this continual bewildering, but barely barren relational wilderness. Are we left to another totem pole temporarily resurrected in time, ever challenging a trace element of friendly gain?
I'm (STILL) outside...a tryst full of bliss.
BROKEN Chains...REMAIN=Unlinked, time to Re-Think.
AND, You're still my lost LOVE--
An Angel on the defense.
(PLEASE whisper telepathically)
"CROSS the plane."
Lyrics written by, Tekhanei Venture 4-6-07 AKA:SassY V.
NOW I was inspired by a brief **'encounter'** with someone special, but these words are merely meant to be a "shot in the dark" (=literally--cause the lights were on so LOW, when I went to write/type this.) So, I'm just conveying the idea as an open, yet written submission to hope this could work something a lil' wonderful, back into energizing your current & tedious lifestyle.
Truly, Tekhanei & SassY, Too--Made ya L(O)(O)K--Have a SPICY *V'n'B DAY, >>>GABS !!!

Special information

Top Contributary Vocal Trainer: the good looking Mr. M. G.{>...You don't know what you've birthed...STILL;))) Gotchya! AH, The power of PURPLE, inside joke:) Voice training by two other various GERMAN musical majors...Concert, Stage, TV appearance, Radio, & Public Performances for Musical Plays (=YOUTH). Group Trophy winner for first place regional Choir competition:> Freshman Year. Piano training by a GERMAN hardcore baby grand lover...MR. H. ...Hey, you hated long fingernails on the keyboard...that bummed me out, but set me straight...I still use my long nails to this day, though--Haha!;p Invite to be represented by J.B. at the Cannes, France Musical Festival...Copy of email available. Tids & Bits...that's all on the Treble musical byte for now:))) ELO...& I gotta go...:) Please email my account***** THANXoX, & hopefully the good you give me, is returned to you in many kindnesses;) __________________________________________________________________ :>||: PLZ see Dominic Ventura-- Scout ID: 194304 for 10 more of my musical endeavors, & get ready for Sweet streamin' Sensations 2 Vary the Sounds;) [I'm not so far away--just next cyber door, when the SUN goes down ;D] cc
by NEXT Management NYC
Aug 12, 2014
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by Supermodels Model Management
Aug 12, 2014
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Aug 11, 2014
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